Paul Le-Tallec

about the work

Paul Le-Tallec's work is about the existential anxiety of modern life. Drawing from feelings about reality he attempts to reflect the nervous system or the ‘self’ as closely as possible through the construction of suggestive forms. He pulls experimental compositions together using regurgitated digital print and paint while holding on strictly to an initial idea and its meaning.

His practice celebrates the importance of living today through direct emotional beliefs, challenging common perceptions on mortality, religion, honesty and failure, often reflecting the vulgarity of mankind and the blind movement of the masses. It is important to strip away pomposity and falseness to attack convention. He is far more interested in making imagery as honest as possible than worry about the balance of aesthetics. By striving to achieve a claustrophobic element within the work itself, an over indulgence then has to be restricted, reflecting both our social and political structures today.

By incorporating scans of his body itself the flesh becomes an important material. He is interested in the physical reality of our existence, often asking 'what is it to be human'. Conflict and contrast exist between the representative element and the formally constructed within his compositions, the process of resolving this is an important part of his work.

In a recent interview he said "Today, most of us rush around as if there is no more to life than making a living. We certainly don’t think about dying. We need to be more conscious of our existence. Only if we see ourselves as we really are will we begin to live".